Kids Helping Kids

When you see a child lend another child a helping hand, does your heart not fill up with joy? Well then let me tell you a story about a group of Middle School students who love reading so much, they wanted to take National Read Across America Day to the next level and help other students out in the process.

Sunset Middle School is located in Nolensville, TN. It is an incredible school with amazing teachers and truly inspiring students. About a month ago, I received an email from a teacher expressing interest in helping The Word Wagon, upon suggestion from a student. The teacher said a group of students would like to put on a book drive for The Word Wagon. I was blown away and so thankful for this incredible gesture to support our mission to change children’s lives one book at a time. Upon working out the details, the teacher said she would let me know when the books were collected and when I could come pick them up. I was so excited and could not wait to see all the books!

A week later I get the email saying, ‘the books are ready to be picked up!’ So excited we scheduled a time for me to come and retrieve the books. We met the students in the main office of the school and they presented to The Word Wagon over 500 books!!! AMAZING! They had decided to collect books to celebrate Read Across America Day and they gave half of what they collected to support the children The Word Wagon serves! This also means they collected over 1,000 books! These students are truly inspiring and have no idea how much they have greatly impacted the lives of the children we serve through our READing Days. Thank you students of Sunset Middle School! We are so appreciative of your donation!

‘the books are ready to be picked up!_

Stories like this one, warms your heart. For a group of students, who know there are children even in their own communities who do not have any books to read, collect books for those children to enjoy is amazing! Even from times when we have been reading with children all over Middle Tennessee we see the evidence of kids helping out other kids. Before we gave away the book bundles, we used to say, ‘how ever old you are, that is how many books you can take home with you.’ This did not matter if the child was 5 or 12. Their age determined how many books they were going to take home. When the children would begin to choose their books, you would see them pick some for themselves, but then ultimately pick some for their brother or sister or neighbor who was not there that day. This was incredibly humbling to hear and see. Books truly mean the world to people and especially to children.

Stories like these are only possible through the donations you give to support The Word Wagon. The books you have loved with your children or in your classroom, now passed onto The Word Wagon give life and new meaning to education and reading to the children we serve. Our passion is to promote childhood literacy in a fun and exciting way for the children we serve. Through the books you donate and the time you give, we are able to continue changing children’s lives one book at a time. Again a special shoutout and thanks goes to the students of Sunset Middle School who have truly made a difference in the lives of their community. How will you change your community for the better?

Thank you for reading our post. Please share this with your friends, family, coworkers, really anyone who needs to hear an uplifting story and wants to make a difference through reading!



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