United Through Books!

Together, we can make a difference. Franklin Police Department played a huge piece in our amazing READing Day with Franklin Housing Authority.

Together, we can make a difference! This week we had the privilege to partner with Franklin Housing Authority for our READing Day. Each month they have a Family Sustainability class for the residents in their housing. They adults work on budgeting and dreaming up ways to succeed and move on from their government housing. While the adults are in class, we have the honor to read with the children, allowing parents to rest easy knowing their children are learning and having fun! We even had two special guests come! This first READing Day we had with Franklin Housing Authority’s class we had 6 wonderful children and gave out 60 books.

After setting up the books, our special guests arrived! Two amazing officers from the Franklin Police Department had contacted us earlier in the week expressing they wanted to come help read. I was so excited for them to come. Dressed in their uniforms, they read with the children and handed out police badge stickers (which were widely popular). It was great to see the children reading with the officers.

Franklin Police Department- FHA

The two officers were incredible and they even read a book to the whole group of children. The book, very fitting, was “Officer Buckle and Gloria.” It was so sweet to see the children captivated by the officers as they read this book. Many sticker badges were handed out after they finished reading. As our time went on and the children got settled into reading books, I could tell they were getting a little antsy. They wanted to play a game to get their energy out. We decided on “Simon Says” but we were stopped by one of the children. They said, “We can play, but first let me read this book.” Then they proceeded to read the book to the whole group. What an amazing sight to see! This only encouraged other children to join in and read to the group.

After playing a round or two of Simon Says, we continued to read books only to receive a special treat from the adult’s Family Sustainability class… DONUTS!!! They were split in half for us to share. As we enjoyed the donuts, we shared why reading is important. One of the children said reading is important because it will help you in your future job. We then talked about how being able to read signs and manuals for a job are crucial skills to have for your success in the workforce. I then asked a fun question, “What is your favorite letter?” Most said the beginning letter of their names, but a few said the first letter of their pet’s name. I love these two questions, because it causes the children to think creatively and take an idea and see the importance behind it! We loved going to read with the children at Franklin Housing Authority and look forward to many more READing Days with these kids! They loved taking the book bundles home with them and I have a feeling they will be back once we return in a few weeks!

These READing Days with Franklin Housing Authority are great ways to volunteer! They will happen on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. The program only lasts from 6-7pm. There are many different ages and variety of reading levels represented in this group of children. We would greatly benefit from having you and a friend come to read with the children! If you are looking for a way to get plugged into your community, open your email, type info@thewordwagon.com in the “send to” space and simply say, “I would love to read with The Word Wagon!” We would love to have you join us to change children’s lives one book at a time.

We want to thank the Franklin Police Department for coming to read with our amazing children! We also want to thank Franklin Housing Authority for hosting us to read with their children! Such a wonderful night and I look forward to having you there next time to read with the children!

As always, thank YOU for reading this blog post, please share this with someone who needs to know more about The Word Wagon! You are awesome and remember… #letskeepreading

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