A Weekend of Change

Books bring people together. That is just a fact. When you call people together to read a similar book, we call it a book club. When you ask someone for a book recommendation, we all think about the amazing books we have read and want to pass onto others. When you are in search of a magical time to disconnect, you go to a bookstore! Ok maybe that last one is just me, but still… you cannot say that once you have walked through a bookstore, smelled that amazing new book smell, and possibly walked out with your weekend of books, you do not feel recharged! But I digress.

A little over a week ago was incredible in the way books brought many people together from all over Middle Tennessee. The Word Wagon was a part of two different events that helped promote literacy over the weekend. Saturday we went to a “Pay it Forward” party, organized by a group of 8th graders! This is a group of homeschool students who come together and either do something for their community or join in fellowship with one another through decorating cookies. (lucky for us we did both! the cookies were both gorgeous and delicious!) We sat around their kitchen table with blank canvas tote bags, bought from Amazon,  to decorate for the children who receive books from The Word Wagon. I was blown away by the incredible designs that these students came up with for the book bags. As we finished decorating with stencils and colored puff paint, I had the opportunity to share about The Word Wagon. What an honor to share the story and the importance of reading to a group of 8th graders who took it upon themselves to give back to their community. For this event, the students also brought wonderful books to donate to The Word Wagon! I was both humbled and honored to be a part of this Pay it Forward Party!

To add to the incredible weekend, Sunday we were delighted to be a part of the Daisy Day planned by Girl Scout Troops 2555 and 1262. This was a time for 45 Daisies to come and be a part of a wonderful day planned by the Girl Scouts to get to know one another and grow in their excitement for Girl Scouts. There were five different stations setup including arts and crafts, snack, dance, games, and The Word Wagon! We had the Daisies write encouraging notes to the children we serve and decorate bookmarks for the kids to use in the books we give them. I started out our station by asking the Daisies, “How many books do you have at home?” Hands shot right up in the air to answer the question. “I think 52” one girl said. “1,000!” another girl interjected. To continue the thought of many books, one girl yelled out, “1 million!” I loved seeing their excitement for books and hearing that every night before they go to bed, they read a story. I then went on to say that many children in America and in the world, do not have books in their homes. With big eyes, they tried to comprehend what I had just told them. We then moved into writing to those kids without books in their homes and what a wonderful sight it was. To help the Daisies out, we had example phrases they could use, “I love reading,” “READ!” and “Reading is fun.” While some used the phrase, others made up their own. These are some of the notes we received.

I love through both of these events, we were contacted to be a part of something bigger. Something to connect with the community, to join in promoting childhood literacy, and to change children’s lives one book at a time. Through the two events we were able to continue spreading the word about The Word Wagon and connect with others through books. The power within a book is so strong and I am so honored The Word Wagon was able to be a part two incredible events.

Thank you for reading this post! As always please share with anyone and everyone so that more people will know the power of a book and join The Word Wagon to change children’s lives one book at a time! #letskeepreading



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