Reading with The Word Wagon in 2018

Wow! To say it is 2018 does not seem possible. The Word Wagon is preparing to read so many books with so many amazing wonderful children this year. We are now working with different organizations in the Middle Tennessee area to help reach more children with the amazing books people have donated to The Word Wagon! If you have donated to The Word Wagon, thank you so much! Know your books are loved, read, and taken home by truly inspirational children from all over Middle Tennessee.

The organizations we are working with include: the YMCA Fun Co., ThriftSmart, Begin Anew, Franklin Housing Authority and more. We are incredibly excited to continue reading with the children these organizations serve and providing them with books the children will love and enjoy in their own homes. Our whole mission boils down to the essence of providing good quality books for children who lack access to books. Going back to the statistic which started this amazing journey, “1 out of 300 children in a low-income neighborhood have access to an age appropriate level book in their homes” (Scholastic). This is a problem that should not exist. With our children’s reading levels so low in Davidson county, the children need us more than ever to support and promote their reading. We at The Word Wagon value reading and hope to portray to every child we read with, reading is fun and not just a homework assignment.

1 out of 300 children books.jpg

One of my new favorite quotes is from Mason Cooley and it says, “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” This is so incredibly powerful and really changed my perspective on just how important the pages within the cover can hold for anyone but especially for a child. Through school trouble, life struggles, a friendship problem, whatever anyone faces, a book is a way to escape from our current reality into a beautiful story, place, or new reality if only even for a chapter or so. The power a book holds changes lives one page at a time.

The Word Wagon has many opportunities for you to get involved and help us pass along the importance of reading to children all over the Middle Tennessee area. Please visit our website to see our upcoming events to sign up and volunteer. We value your time and would love to see you all reading with us in 2018!

Please also note of our new series, “Wednesdays with The Word Wagon,” that will start this Wednesday at 12pm CT. We will be live on Instagram and Facebook to read amazing books, bring you updates, have fun people on to interview, and more fun things! We are extremely blessed to have so many people supporting The Word Wagon and hope to see you at some of our future events!

Wednesdays with the word wagon (3).png

As always please pass this along to a friend who loves to read or just needs to hear about The Word Wagon. #letskeepreading

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