Can I help sort books everyday?!

The dedication Girl Scout Troops have to service is amazing. About a month ago, a troop came to help sort through book donations, added stickers to books, and created bundles for the children we serve. This was an incredible couple of hours not only for the girls but also for me as I got to see their excitement for the service they were doing.

We started out our time together by talking about The Word Wagon and how I started this organization two years ago. It is always a huge blessing to share the story of how The Word Wagon came about. After I spoke and answered any questions, then we got to work. We had three stations set up for the girls to work at. All three stations had young girls pouring through books and diligently sorting to make sure the children we serve get the best books for their own shelves. It was incredible to hear, “Oh I love this book,” “I read this entire series,” and “Can I read this now?” Seeing the love they have for reading was music to my ears.

There was one young girl who said, “This is so much fun! Can I come everyday to help?” I replied with a smile saying, “Well that would be fun. I can always use the help.” To which she replied, “I am serious! I want to come back and help everyday!” How humbling! Often times I look around our storage room and think, wow, how am I going to sort through all these books, but then friends and people in the community reach out and say, we would love to come help you sort and it is an amazing moment. I am so thankful for opportunities to show people our storage facility, in my parent’s basement, and to show them the impact these books are having on the children we read with.

The amount of work the Girl Scout Troop did for The Word Wagon is incredible! This saved me a lot of time and effort going through books to then have them already sorted and ready thus refocusing on the kids we are serving. The bundles that were prepared, were prepared in love and encouragement. I love when volunteers have the opportunity to help make bundles because then people really understand and see the great gift the book bundles will bring to a child who has maybe never owned a book for themselves. I am incredibly thankful for the books which have been donated which help to fill out our book bundles! Thank you to those who have donated books!

“What a treat it was for our 5th grade Girl Scouts to learn more about The Word Wagon!  Casey did a great job explaining her idea and the work she does to get books into the hands of kids who need them most. Hearing from Casey was empowering to our girls as they consider what their role is in making the world a better place.”

Melissa Wyatt, Troop Leader

We are excited for our next READing Day, November 11th in Columbia, TN. We always love traveling down to Columbia and reading the children who live there. The Word Wagon is dedicated to changing children’s lives one book at a time and we could not do that without your help!

Thank you for reading with us and please now share this with anyone who needs to hear more about The Word Wagon! As always…. #letskeepreading

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