How was your Halloween?

We read our way through Halloween! October 28th we had a marvelous time at TWO FALL FESTIVALS!!! We read with Captain America, the Hulk, a dancer from the 20s, and many children with creatively painted faces. In anticipation for a lot of children, we even decided to rent a Uhaul Truck for all the books we were to bring. We learned in the future, a vehicle bigger than my Ford Escape will be very helpful in transporting all of our equipment… Anyone have an extra cargo van or school bus lying around? Just thought I would ask!

Our first stop as we read our way through the spooky holiday of Halloween, was at Saint Luke’s CME Church in Nashville. We were invited by a children’s author, Rev. Nathalie Parker, who is the wife of the Pastor at St. Luke’s CME Church, Rev. Leon Parker. Rev. Nathalie parker invited The Word Wagon to come read with the children as a part of their Annual Fall Festival. This is their second annual run of this Fall Festival and it was wildly successful. There was a young girl with whom I read a book about the Chinese Terracotta Army which has been buried for thousands of years. She read very well throughout the book and was very engaged in the content. At the end of the book, there was a picture of a chariot, horses, and a commander made in the Terracotta clay they had used for the Army. I asked the young girl what were some words she would use to describe the picture. I was anticipating words such as, gold (for the chariot), huge, or other simple descriptions. I was wrong in my anticipation. This young girl, described the picture as informative and descriptive, among other more detailed words! WOW! What an amazing young woman. So smart and has a love for reading!

During the READing Day, Nathalie gave me a couple of signed copies of her new book, “I Love My Future HBCU.” What an amazing opportunities for children to learn more about Historically Black Colleges and Universities and to get a signed copy of a book!! How cool is this! Thank you Nathalie and Leon for inviting The Word Wagon to your Fall Festival! We hope to keep reading with you!

The (Uhaul) Word Wagon then traveled to The Church at Woodbine for their Fall Festival. This was a wonderful event where there were so many children running around and having so much fun showing off their costumes. Many creative costumes were seen, but probably the top two we saw were Buzz Lightyear and Thomas the Train! These kids went above and beyond for Halloween! While the weather got very chilly during this event, we were still able to read with amazing children. One boy came dressed as Iron Man, although his favorite superhero is Superman… He was so sweet and very smart! The joy of thee children’s faces when they took home books was incredible! What an amazing experience to spread the love of reading with so many and in so many different places!


A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers we had this day! We would not have been able to read with as many children as we did without your help! Are you looking for a way to get plugged into The Word Wagon? Well I have the answer here! We have our next READing Day November 11th in Columbia, TN. We love reading with the children in Columbia and look forward to having your join us!

Signup on our website today to volunteer and or to receive our newsletter to stay up to date on the happenings of The Word Wagon! We are so excited to continue reading our way through Middle Tennessee!

Will you join us on this journey? As always thank you for reading this post and please pass this along to anyone else who needs to know about The Word Wagon! I appreciate all of you and hope you never stop reading!


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