The Word Wagon is Rolling!

The past month has been full of incredible opportunities which I would love to share with you! The Word Wagon is about to turn two years old (read more in our blog post in a few days!). I cannot believe it has been two years since I thought, “What if we had a mobile library where we went into communities where children lack access to books and read with them?” Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined we can now say we have read with over 300 children and have taken home collectively 1,500 books, traveled over 2,000 miles, and held 37 READing Days! Incredible! There are so many people who have made this dream become a beautiful reality! If you have helped in anyway with the continuation and growth of The Word Wagon, I am extremely grateful and want to personally thank you!! This would not be possible without you.

Ok now some recap on the amazing events we have had the privilege to be a part of recently!

  1. I was invited to share my story about starting The Word Wagon at the Heritage Homeschool Group. This is a homeschool group who is intentional about “aiming for academic excellence and authentic community. I shared my story during the high schooler’s lunchtime and it was amazing. The students were so attentive and engaged to hear about my experience starting an organization and walking through the many incredible things which have happened to us. As they listened I was reminded how much I love to talk with students and hear how they may want to one day start a business and think of the different ways in which I could encourage them. I am grateful for these opportunities. Leading up to speaking with the students, they had collected over 600 books for The Word Wagon!!!!  This was an inspirational moment in the fact they had really taken The Word Wagon’s mission to heart of changing children’s lives one book at a time and wanted to help! Thank you so much for the incredible donation and opportunity to talk with the students at Heritage Homeschool Group! They also had adorable cookies shaped like wagons! (I cannot bring myself to eat mine because it is so special to me!)
  2. The Word Wagon was invited to be a part of Brentwood United Methodist Church‘s Love in Deed Saturday of Service. This was a day when their church family was to go out into the community and serve their neighbors. For The Word Wagon, they setup a space for people to come drop off gently used and new children’s books. The donations which came in and the volunteers who came to bundle books was amazing. We had 6 wonderful volunteers come sort through books and bundle books. Throughout the morning, book donations continued to pour in. By the end of the day we had collected 1,103 books! One family gave a total of 783 books! ALL FROM ONE FAMILY! WOW!  This was an incredible day full of service for The Word Wagon and many other organizations including: GraceWorks, Habitat for Humanity, Dixon Memorial United Methodist Church, Rise Against Hunger, and more. It was an honor to be among these amazing organizations. Thank you to Brentwood United Methodist Church for this opportunity.
  3. As an alumni of Belmont University, I always love the opportunity to return to campus and speak with current students about The Word Wagon and empower them if they are looking to pursue the entrepreneurial bug they may have caught! I have had a couple opportunities to share my experience on campus which include Parent and Family weekend for their Entrepreneurship Village they had setup, a Residential Hall Program to learn how students can get out into the community more to help, and to speak to an English Senior Seminar about the importance of reading. All of these moments are so precious to me and I am honored to have this ability to share with students my experience and any knowledge of does and don’ts I can pass on. The Residential Hall Program was in a dorm I had been an RA in my Senior Year and it was fun to inform students about The Word Wagon and read with some students. (they even had a tornado drill when I was there… very nostalgic moment to my RA days…)


What an amazing past couple of weeks! I am so grateful for the many opportunities in which I have been able to share the news about The Word Wagon and to encourage others to join us to change children’s lives one book at a time. Thank you to all who have taken on the role as advocate for The Word Wagon and spreading the news of our adventures and stories to your people. I am blessed to have so many people coming behind The Word Wagon and helping us reach more children and serve them properly with the educational means they need: BOOKS!

We have TWO EVENTS Coming up! Our next READing Days are October 28th in Nashville!  Yes we have two in one day! We have been invited to be apart of two different Fall Festivals and we need YOUR help! If you and a couple friends can help us on this day we would greatly appreciate it! Details below:

Fall Festival One: 1-2:30pm, 2008 Ed Temple Blvd. Nashville, TN

Fall Festival Two: 3-5pm, 29 Whitsett Rd, Nashville, TN

Please check out our website to signup and volunteer! Thank you so much for reading this blog post. As always please pass on to a friend who needs to know more about The Word Wagon!


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