Tell Your Story

It is critical to tell your story about what you are doing.

Whether you are starting a new job, traveling to another country, organizing an event, or starting a venture to change the world… share the inspiration behind the idea! This inspiration will resonate with people who will then share their excitement over what you are doing with others. Thus they become your advocates.

Finding advocates for your organization or endeavor is amazing and such a humbling experience. These people latch on to your excitement and help you move forward in further developing your idea. I have found many advocates for The Word Wagon and I am so grateful for them. When events come up, communities in need arise, or people are looking for ways to give back to the community talk with our advocates, they are directed to The Word Wagon. Amazing.

For me to write this blog post reminds me of the many blessings of The Word Wagon’s story. Launching from idea mode to execution in less than a month, traveling now over 2,000 miles to read and meet about The Word Wagon, and collecting over 7,000 books are just a few of the many blessings to our story. Everyday excites me to work on the reality that books are so important for children to have in their homes yet so many lack access to these educational treasures. I shared on our social media this week that “1 out of 4 children grow up in America without learning how to read.” (This came from Reread that please…

Let that sink in, break your heart, and propel you to think we HAVE to change that. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to read and then have their very own book in their home. The Word Wagon is dedicated to changing children’s lives one book at a time, but we need your help to do this. We have many opportunities for you to share your excitement with us for literacy. Join us for any of our upcoming READing Days to read with amazing children we serve all over the Middle Tennessee area. If you have a group you are a part of who would want to hear more about The Word Wagon, please send me an email and I would love to come and share the story of The Word Wagon. If you would like to donate books you can connect with us through our website to help us get good books into the hands of children who do not have books.

All that to say, share your story. You will be amazed at once you start sharing your story and giving others something to grow in excitement over, you will see the community which comes behind your idea to propel it to new heights. The Word Wagon idea started in the middle of a History class I was in at Belmont University. Almost two years later, I have an office space, thousands of donated books, and board members to continue growing The Word Wagon. I had no idea we would be where we are today and it was only made possible by those who heard about The Word Wagon and said, “I am all in so how can I help?” If you are an advocate for The Word Wagon, Thank you! The service you provide of word of mouth advocacy helps to keep our vision going to provide books to children in need and promote childhood literacy. Words cannot express how thankful I am and excited for the future to come of The Word Wagon.

As always, #letskeepreading

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