“Thank you for reading with me!”

Saturday was such an incredible day. From the beautiful weather to the amazing people who were a part of the event, if you were not there, you missed a beautiful sight. We had 18 children come and read with us and they all took home books to enjoy and grow their own home libraries. What an incredible opportunity we have to change children’s lives one book at a time. To join us in this mission, we had 7 volunteers come to read with the children. Thank you to those who came! We loved having you read with us!

As we set up the tent and invited children to come read, there was one boy who was a little hesitant. Shortly after we had invited him, he saw many children come to read and so soon joined in. He came over and smiled, really wanting to see what this reading thing was all about. We sat down with a copy of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid chapter book and began reading. Then he stops to tell me about his school, how he loves Under Armor, and then he paused. He turned to me and simply said, “thank you for being nice to me and reading with me.” Fighting back tears, I thought wow, this is what it is all about. Some of the children we serve come from very chaotic households and are desperately seeking the one-on-one attention through reading or even just having a conversation with our volunteers. Providing this opportunity for connection is such a blessing and the essence of why we exist.

Reading is a fundamental skill which opens up doors for children including ways to get through a troubling time at school or at home, to understand how other people think, and to get lost in a beautiful story. Books can provide an escape but also a connection like nothing else in the world. This little boy who came over to read with us was seeking connection. Throughout the morning he would go back and forth from our reading tent to his mother, always smiling when he returned. We found a connection in Columbia, TN on Saturday that is nothing like anything in the world. Would you join us to continue connecting with children in our community who are craving connection and books to love?

Sign up for our next READing Day in Franklin, TN on September 23rd. Follow to our website for details.

Also think about signing up for Brentwood United Methodist Church’s Love in Deed Service Day where we will collect books and have volunteers help us to bundle books!

Thank you for reading our blog post. Please share this with anyone who you think needs to hear about The Word Wagon and or who is looking for ways to give back to their community. We always need readers.

As always, #letskeepreading

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