“Your Journey is a Tapestry.”

“Your journey is a tapestry.” This was said by Tresa Halbrooks, Founder and President of LEGACY Consulting, who was one of the session leaders at the Women in Business Summit held by the Williamson County Chamber. This was a wonderful event where women in the community came together and learned about collaboration, collective impact, and investing in the next generation. Before the different breakout sessions began, the women were invited to visit with different organizations who were there to participate in a Nonprofit Organizations Fair. The Word Wagon was blessed with the opportunity to have a table at the fair and to continue to spread the word about the importance of childhood literacy.

the event was held at Academy Park in Franklin, TN

The morning was filled with people passionate about connecting with each other. We had many people come up to our table asking what The Word Wagon was about. Through these conversations new volunteers came on board, more people signed up for our Newsletter, and many people saw the book bundles we give away to children in need of great quality books. To have this opportunity of face time with so many prominent community members was so special. Thank you to those who all made this possible! We cannot wait to continue to collaborate with the Williamson County Chamber.

This idea of “your journey is a tapestry,” is an amazing way to look at your business. When displaying to people the essence of your business’ existence, you have to paint a picture for them. Take people on a condensed version of the journey which has brought you to the present moment. Something I would tell fellow, newly found entrepreneurs, like myself, have your elevator pitch ready at all times, know the key points you need to share, and have the answer to the question, “So what do you need.” When you have these three things down pat, you are good to go. Showing the confidence you have seen the tapestry of your journey and you understand where the next stitch is going is crucial for the continuation of your business.

The take away from this idea is your tapestry is never done. It is ever evolving, which is a beautiful thing. If it was already spelled out for us with the exact colors, specific instructions, and a personalized guide to avoid mistakes, that would be extremely boring. Having the opportunity to pivot and adapt to new territory, a new market, or even a new idea, provides the opportunity for greater impact than you may have had before.

The current outcomes for The Word Wagon are as follows:

Outcomes as of August 2017

300– Children Read with
1,000– Miles Traveled
1,500– Books Distributed
34– READing Days
Our tapestry is not done yet. We have so many more miles to travel, children to read with, books to put in their hands, and READing Days to have.
Will you join us? If this post struck a chord with you, I hope you will share this with your community and come read with us, donate books, or simply contact us and ask, “How can I get more involved.” I would love to talk with you and get you plugged in with The Word Wagon. Thank you for reading along with us and as always…

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