Do you have a Thomas book?

You probably have a favorite book you would always gravitate towards when approaching a bookcase. Maybe it was a story from the Berenstain Bear collection, the Madeline collection, or Clifford. Think back to the book which warms your heart…

This past Saturday we had an incredible morning! Our tent was full with kids and volunteers reading the morning away. Two little kids, a boy and a girl, came walking up to the tent hand in hand. I walked over to their grandmother walking behind them and she said, “they wanted to come check out the books you all have.” What a joyous way to kick off the morning. The little boy’s first question was, “Do you have any Thomas books?” Not knowing if a Thomas book was in our bins for the morning, we looked quickly all throughout the shelves. WE FOUND ONE! The smile of this little boys face was incredible. We sat side-by-side and read about Thomas wanting to fish with the children he rode past each day. Laughing and interacting with the book, the young boy was truly a Thomas the Train book fan. If you have not read this book before… I highly recommend it! 

There were two children who were so sweet reading and were fascinated by the topic of weather. We asked them if they liked cold weather or warm weather. After they split on their answers we began to talk about snowflakes and how no two snowflakes are the same. Wow! This captivated their attention and we began to look through a weather book we had on our shelves. Giving the two children the opportunity to learn more about their environment was an amazing moment. Both the 1st grader and 6th grader were fascinated with the different weather facts. This is why The Word Wagon exists. We are dedicated to changing children’s lives one book at a time. The power of a book, as I frequently talk about, has the ability to inform children of facts, let them travel the world, transform into a beloved character, the list goes on an on. The moments when a child truly connects with a book is an experience like no other. 

Our volunteers were incredible Saturday! We had in total 4 regular volunteers and even some youth volunteers come from Journey Church. Thank you volunteers!!

Here is a quote from one of our READing Volunteers:

I had heard a lot about the Word Wagon and had helped a bit with sorting books, but this was the first Reading Day I was able to volunteer at! Kids of various ages were so engaged and appreciative of having someone read with them or to them.  My favorite part was seeing how excited kids  were when you told them they could take home 10 books to keep and share with their siblings or friends!


Are you interested in becoming a regular READing Volunteer for The Word Wagon? Sign up today on our website

Reading with the children of north Nashville this week brought so much joy to my face and I cannot wait to read with the kids of Columbia, Tennessee September 9th. Will you join us?


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