A Day to Remember

Saturday August 12th The Word Wagon returned to one of our favorite spots in Franklin, TN. We pulled up just before 8am to the Franklin Trailer Park right past downtown Franklin. We have frequented this spot and gotten to the know the children in this neighborhood. Many of the children’s faces lit up when they saw our big white tent pop up and our reading room come together. It was a beautiful morning where we read with 21 children and each child walked away with a bundles of books. THAT MEANS 210 BOOKS IN THE HANDS OF CHILDREN!

Reading an incredible book featuring silly faces!

There were two girls who I read a Peter Pan book with. These little girls were so excited about Peter Pan but more so with Tinker Bell. They would squeal and smile from ear to ear when they saw Tinker Bell on the page. Their joy and excitement for a character in a book made my heart smile. This book allowed for them connect with a character and travel all the way to Never Land, flying with fairies, and fighting pirates. The power a book wields is incredible and something we need to let every child experience? Do you have a book which had a profound impact on your life? Share your thoughts in our comment section below.

After this incredible morning, a volunteer came up to me and said, “I have a story to share with you.” This volunteer was helping with One Generation Away’s food distribution which was happening in the same area as our READing Day. As the parents got their food, the children would come read with us, and then reconnect once it was time for them to go home. This volunteer came up to me and began to tell me about the family he just helped back to their home. This was the story he shared:

“I walked the family to their home and the little boy was beaming with joy because of the bundle of books he had in his hands. The smile the boy had when he showed his mom all the books he received was incredible. The little boy started to look at the bindings of the books in the bundle and realized all the dinosaur related books. He was overjoyed when he saw this. He loves dinosaurs!”

Stories like these are amazing to hear. Stories like these are the reasons each READing Day we are out serving the children we encounter who come to read. It all ties back to the power of a book. Each time we encourage a child to read we are empowering an adult who will be a life long learner. To instill the love and excitement behind reading at an early age will prove to be extremely beneficial for the rest of that child’s life.

How would you like to experience these stories in real time? Would you like to join us to empower young children to become life long learners? Please consider coming to read with us and see the incredible impact reading with a child can have not only on their lives but for you as well.

Our website thewordwagon.com has all of our upcoming READing Days and we would love for you to come read with us.

Join us to change children’s lives one book at a time. #letskeepreading

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