To Hug a Book

Have you ever taken time to sit and hug one of your favorite books? Maybe you would hug “The Giving Tree” or “Where the Wild Things Are.” What was your favorite childhood book?

Go give it a hug!!

On Friday we had the privilege to read with nine incredible children in Franklin, TN who jumped right into reading and smiling as they recognized books they loved. Many of the children we serve might not have books in their homes and thus very much treasure when they see our big white tent for the comfort it brings. Our mobile reading room is special because it is a chance to physically hold a book, turn a page, and see the amazing pictures illustrating an adventure or a first day of school.

Books bring children hope. Books change lives. The power a book holds is a power that few things provide. When a child opens a books, they are able to learn confidence to approach a bully, gain support when life is scary, have the ability to travel to a magical place, etc. So many beautiful things come from within the covers of a book.

One boy came up to the tent with all smiles, ready to read. This particular boy and his two sisters have read with us before and it was a joy to see them again. I sat down to see how his day was going and ask if he wanted to read. Seeing the Transformers book in my hand, he quietly says, “I do not know how to read.” Hearing this I said, “Would you like me to read the story to you?” He quickly nodded and we were off reading about Transformers and the different characteristics they had. He knew all about the different characters and the adventures they go on. As we were reading the book, the boy was able to pick out the words he knew of the page and I filled in with the more challenging words. Reading together was a powerful moment for me but also an empowering moment for him to know he CAN read!

What book was most powerful and instrumental when you were growing up or even a book you are currently reading? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Thank you for reading with us and joining in the vision to changing lives one book at a time.


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