Iced Green Grape

We have office space!!! What an incredible blessing to have a central space to work. This past week we finished a spot in my parent’s basement and painted the freshly put up walls. The color of choice? Iced Green Grape. This is a beautiful, calm green color. It is inviting for the space and proves for a very productive environment. Creating this space was a special time in the life of The Word Wagon. This office space is amongst all 5,000+ books which people have donated to go directly into the hands of the children we serve.

To look over and see the wonderful stories the children will read with us during our READing Days and the ones they will take home with them warms my heart each and every time I am at my desk! (So cool to finally say that.) Where did the desk come from you ask? My bedroom. The Word Wagon is very much a grassroots business in the sense we use my childhood bookcase for our outdoor reading room, my car as our main vehicle, and now my desk. The ability to use all of these resources I realize does not happen for everyone! I am blown away when everything settles in to place and we are able to use what we are given to help so many children in our community. The Word Wagon is rolling on and we would love for you to come and join us in changing lives one book at a time! Want to volunteer during our READing Days? Here are the dates, times, and addresses for our next couple of READing Days:

July 21st (8am-11am)– 117 4th Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064

August 12th (8am-11am)– Franklin Estates Trailer Park, 700 W Meade Blvd.  Franklin, TN 37064

August 19th (8am-11am)-Grace Apostolic Church, 1100 Lischey Avenue
Nashville, TN 37027

We would love for you to join us!


2 thoughts on “Iced Green Grape

  1. Congratulations on the finished office space and I love that you’re continuing to use your desk…a place of memories and encouragement! Thumbs-up on the color choice too!


    1. Thank you so much Melissa! We appreciate your comment. The office space is coming together so nicely and the paint color is very happy! Props to Home Depot for having that color in stock!


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