Superheros to Campfires

Brentwood United Methodist and The Village have been very instrumental in the launching of The Word Wagon. Through the connections and generosity through both churches, we have been able to serve so many children all over Middle Tennessee.

During the week of June 29th, The Word Wagon participated in both Brentwood UMC VBS and Camp Village Kids with The Village. Both camps had incredible children they were serving within their respective communities.

At Brentwood UMC there was a book drive for The Word Wagon where we collected 2,225 books!! WOW!!! So exciting! The books collected throughout the week were then bundled by the 3rd and 4th grade groups. Each morning, four groups would cycle through and spend a good 30 minutes sorting through the books, putting labels inside the covers, and then bundling the books. The service these children provided for The Word Wagon was incredible! Thank you BUMC Kids and the staff who welcomed The Word Wagon to be a Superhero in action with you!

Our time at Camp Village Kids with The Village was also amazing! We worked with all ages throughout the week with books we had previously collected. The week started out with the younger kindergarteners and 1st graders who were so helpful in making bookmarks for the children we serve to have in their bundles. The bookmarks had our hashtag on them (#letskeepreading). What a great reminder to have daily as the Little Engine that Could says, “I think I can, I think I can.” Sometimes reading we have to say that to ourselves particularly with a challenging book. The kids at Camp Village Kids also helped sort books, put labels in the covers, and also bundle them. Thank you so much to all the children who helped at Camp Village Kids and also the staff at The Village for asking The Word Wagon to be a part of your week! We had so much fun!

All together, this experience was terrific! Between the two locations we bundled 250 bundles! This equals out to 2,500 books! Through the connections made throughout the week, children and families have learned more about The Word Wagon and have come to volunteer with us!! Thank you! We look forward to different ways in which we can connect with these two churches and other organizations in our community!




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