Where are your headquarters?

Watching children read with other children is the most incredible sight to see. In the summer of 2016, The Word Wagon went to Franklin First United Methodist Church in Franklin, TN to be a part of their VBS and Service Squad week. Their Service Squad represents rising 5th and 6th graders who may have outgrown children’s VBS camp, but still would like to come and learn about how they can serve their community.

Last summer The Word Wagon came and two different Service Squad groups, which each consisted of about 10 children, read with the two and three year olds, at the VBS camp.  This reading opportunity allowed the Service Squad to get a taste of what our typical READing Day looks like and how we read aloud to the children we serve. From this experience, on our next READing Day, there were members of the Service Squad that came to read with children we served in the Edgehill neighborhood in Nashville. What a blessing!

We had such an amazing time last year and the response from the Service Squad was great they asked us to come again this year! Another great opportunity to spread the word about The Word Wagon! We came again to Franklin First United Methodist Church and brought books for the Service Squad to read to the younger kids in their superhero inspired VBS camp. While half the Service Squad read to the little kids, the other half stayed to make reading wands! Such an incredible idea to help children stay on the line of words which they are reading. (Instructions to make your own reading wands below!)


After the Service Squad read and made the reading wands we gathered to talk about The Word Wagon and to answer any questions the group might have. One question stuck out the most. A rising 5th grader asked, “Where are your headquarters?” This question took me aback for a moment for when I think of headquarters I may think of Nissans main building in Cool Springs, but The Word Wagon too has a “headquarters!” We are a home base business, working out of an unfinished basement! These kids were amazing and so eager to help and lend a helping hand.  A book has many super powers just like the superheroes we look up to in our lives. Which book had the most power in your life?


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