Taking a Leap of Faith

I invite you on this amazing journey!

Here I am. A 22 year old recent graduate of Belmont University taking a leap of faith. Many times I sit back and have to remind myself I am done with school. For now… For as long as I can remember I have been in school, completing homework assignments, studying for assessments, and now to not have that is a very weird thing. The transition to life after college has been incredible. I have claimed God’s call on my life to continue with a mission He put on my heart almost two years ago: The Word Wagon.

The Word Wagon is a literacy organization I founded in October of 2015. Wow, I cannot believe it has almost been two years… We are dedicated to promoting childhood literacy by providing reading opportunities and reading materials for children in communities who lack educational resources. It has been an amazing journey so far.  I learned through my internship with Project Transformation, 1 out of 300 children in a low-income neighborhood has just one age-appropriate level book in their home. This broke my heart and thus led me to create The Word Wagon as an effort to reduce that gap and provide better access to books for children. To help you picture what our typical READing Day looks like, here is a picture of a READing Day we had in Franklin, TN.


Children come to read with our Word Wagon Volunteers and then are able to take home books to build their own home libraries.  We have read with over 200 children, given away over 1,000 books, traveled over 1,000 miles, and held 27 READing Days. God is so good. I am amazed also to how many people have come and supported The Word Wagon through donations of books and other items. From Belmont University, Belmont Wesley Fellowship, The Village, Brentwood United Methodist Church, and many individuals who have been instrumental to The Word Wagon, THANK YOU! The Word Wagon would not be what it is today without your help.

I am starting this blog to start the conversation among other young entrepreneurs either in the nonprofit or for profit world who are working through the process of creating a venture, brainstorming how to run the venture, and finally taking the leap of faith to go for it! What an exciting time and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity of a lifetime to start a venture inspired by God and share about my journey along the way.

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