United Through Books!

Together, we can make a difference. Franklin Police Department played a huge piece in our amazing READing Day with Franklin Housing Authority.


A Weekend of Change

Books bring people together. That is just a fact. When you call people together to read a similar book, we call it a book club. When you ask someone for a book recommendation, we all think about the amazing books we have read and want to pass onto others. When you are in search of [...]

Reading with The Word Wagon in 2018

Wow! To say it is 2018 does not seem possible. The Word Wagon is preparing to read so many books with so many amazing wonderful children this year. We are now working with different organizations in the Middle Tennessee area to help reach more children with the amazing books people have donated to The Word [...]


It has not always been easy…

Having a passion and creating a program around it is not an easy task. Here I share some of my experience and things I have learned so far in the process. Thank you for joining to take a leap of faith with me for the future of The Word Wagon.


Can I help sort books everyday?!

The dedication Girl Scout Troops have to service is amazing. About a month ago, a troop came to help sort through book donations, added stickers to books, and created bundles for the children we serve. This was an incredible couple of hours not only for the girls but also for me as I got to [...]


How was your Halloween?

We read our way through Halloween! October 28th we had a marvelous time at TWO FALL FESTIVALS!!! We read with Captain America, the Hulk, a dancer from the 20s, and many children with creatively painted faces. In anticipation for a lot of children, we even decided to rent a Uhaul Truck for all the books [...]


The Word Wagon is Rolling!

The past month has been full of incredible opportunities which I would love to share with you! The Word Wagon is about to turn two years old (read more in our blog post in a few days!). I cannot believe it has been two years since I thought, "What if we had a mobile library [...]