Can I help sort books everyday?!

The dedication Girl Scout Troops have to service is amazing. About a month ago, a troop came to help sort through book donations, added stickers to books, and created bundles for the children we serve. This was an incredible couple of hours not only for the girls but also for me as I got to [...]


How was your Halloween?

We read our way through Halloween! October 28th we had a marvelous time at TWO FALL FESTIVALS!!! We read with Captain America, the Hulk, a dancer from the 20s, and many children with creatively painted faces. In anticipation for a lot of children, we even decided to rent a Uhaul Truck for all the books [...]

Tell Your Story

It is critical to tell your story about what you are doing. Whether you are starting a new job, traveling to another country, organizing an event, or starting a venture to change the world... share the inspiration behind the idea! This inspiration will resonate with people who will then share their excitement over what you [...]

“Your Journey is a Tapestry.”

"Your journey is a tapestry." This was said by Tresa Halbrooks, Founder and President of LEGACY Consulting, who was one of the session leaders at the Women in Business Summit held by the Williamson County Chamber. This was a wonderful event where women in the community came together and learned about collaboration, collective impact, and investing [...]

Do you have a Thomas book?

You probably have a favorite book you would always gravitate towards when approaching a bookcase. Maybe it was a story from the Berenstain Bear collection, the Madeline collection, or Clifford. Think back to the book which warms your heart… This past Saturday we had an incredible morning! Our tent was full with kids and volunteers [...]